Fire and smoke

Fire and smoke training

Fire and smoke situations are becoming infrequent onboard, but they are not unimportant. Such a situation can quickly get out of hand, with devastating consequences.

To reduce the effects of such situations, crews must be trained to prevent them, to quickly identify them and to react correctly and efficiently as soon as possible. Success in such a situation relies very much on the quality of the training and the realism of the simulated situations during the periodic drills.

To make sure all these are met, the Sea Survival School at Tuzla provides the delegates with a team of instructors that are experienced in fire fighting. Theoretical sessions are successfully rounded through practical sessions, during which the crews practice in a realistic and safe way fire fighting techniques using the specially designed simulator which is able to reproduce different types of fire. Also the CEET B737 and fire fighting equipment are representative of the ones onboard for a realistic training regarding fire and smoke fighting procedures in the cabin.

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