• How can I register for a course? +

    The registration can be made in written, at the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly to the training centre. The registration will be made by the payer; thus, it can be made by the company you work for, and in this situation, your employer needs to contact us, or you can register as a private individual, in which case you will request the registration. Registration requests made by telephone will not be taken into account.

  • How can I pay? +

    In the event you intend to pay personally for the course, you can opt for one of the following variants:

    a.   bank transfer – please attach a copy of your Identity card to your registration request, based on which you will receive, by e-mail, a proforma invoice;
    b.   cash, at our headquarters or by VISA, MasterCard or AMEX credit card

    The payment will be performed in Lei.

  • What courses do I need to attend in order to work on the North Sea? +

    Based on the area where you wish to exert your activity, the basic courses could suffice or you could access additional courses. In order to benefit from a complete and correct answer, please inquire your employer and / or the installation operator.

  • Where are the courses acknowledged? +

    The courses performed within the Sea Survival School are acknowledged at a national and international level, depending on their specifics.

    The OPITO approved courses are acknowledged at an international level.

    The courses endorsed by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority are acknowledged at an international level (for crews) or at a national level (for airport personnel).

  • What type of medical certificate do I need? +

    Based on the course you attend, a certain medical aptitudes sheet or medical report will be needed.

    For the courses related to the oil and gas industry there are several types of medical documents that we can accept (for instance, medical endorsement on the seaman book), but it is advisable to have an internationally acknowledged medical certificate, that you can obtain from Regina Maria Clinic of Constanta:  https://www.reginamaria.ro/policlinici-si-imagistica/constanta/descriere

    For the courses envisaging the aviation personnel is mandatory a medical report according to the legal regulations in force in this field, and for the personnel providing rescue and firefighting services on airports, an aptitude sheet, according to the legislation in the field.

    In all the cases, the physician signing the document must be an Occupational medicine physician or to have the necessary competence (transportation safety, aeronautical medicine). Medical certificates signed by the General practitioner will not be taken into account.

  • Do I need to present a valid BOSIET certificate in order to participate in a FOET course? +

    Participating in a FOET (or FOER) course is permitted in case of the existence of a valid BOSIET or FOET (or BOER, respectively) certificate. A person presenting an expired previous certificate cannot be accepted for the refresher course.

  • May I participate in a BOSIET course after completing a HUET course? +

    In the event you have graduated from a HUET course with us, in a maximum period of 3 months you can participate in a BOSIET course, during which the second module will be harmonized (HUET). Of course, you will only pay the difference.

  • What do I need, in terms of equipment? +

    Based on the course you wish to attend, minimum equipment is needed, in order to protect from minimum risks, generally linked to the contact to the environment. The personal protection equipment will be furnished by us. The Joining Instructions offers more details on the necessary equipment items.

  • I have lost my card. What do I do? +

    In the event your card or certificate has / have been lost or stolen, it is necessary for the sponsor to contact us by e-mail. Obtaining a duplicate is quite easy, but the request must be made by the sponsor.

    In the event you are no longer employed with the company which paid for your training, you can contact us directly, but it is our obligation to inquire the sponsor company if they did not withhold the document, event in which we will not issue a duplicate, due to the fact that the document is neither lost, nor stolen.

  • What do I do in the vent of drop out? +

    It is our policy to support you to complete the course. Still, there is a small percentage of course participants which, in spite of all our efforts, drop out of course. In this event, the amount related to the course will not be refunded, but the amount related to the OPITO fee will.

  • Are meals included in the course price? +

    No. Each course participant has a certain budget and we cannot compel our clients to pay for a service they do not desire. The meals can be served for a fee at the restaurant on the precincts. We'll get you coffee.

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